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    Justin & Elaina

    Our Honeymoon was scheduled for Spring 2018 but the magic began a year earlier when we sat down with Karen and Steve. They were knowledgeable, professional, well prepared and best of all, they were just as excited for our trip as we were. I remember looking back at Elaina with a smile from ear to ear, thinking we’re in GREAT hands here! We could tell we were in for the trip of a lifetime based on the vivid descriptions of cities, experiences and sights that Karen was able to provide for us based on her own experience on a Viking River Cruise. This helped us feel confident we were going to have a wonderful adventure and that someone would be there to guide us through the planning process with a great deal of knowledge and passion for travel. Karen set up the My Trip Route app for us on our devices which was a fantastic, accessible way for us to have all of our information and itineraries in one place. Karen even went above and beyond to pre-populate our app with advice and personalized recommendations for each stop along our way, adding a personal touch to our experience. When it finally came time for our Honeymoon, we were well informed and prepared to embark on the Viking Var (a fitting ship for a newlywed couple as in Norse mythology Var is the overseer of the oaths between man and woman!). While we planned for our Viking River Cruise to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, by day two we were sitting in a biergarten in Austria planning when we would be able to take a second journey with Viking – it was that good! The ship was beautiful. The staff were amazingly attentive and personable. And, the sights were straight out of a fairytale. We cannot recommend this mode of travel enough and nine months later we are still “waltzing”, dreaming of our next Viking River Cruise with Plan A Vacation! Prost! -Elaina & Justin

    Dave & Kim

    It all began in the summer of 2013. My wife and I would be celebrating our 25th anniversary in Sept of the following year. We wanted to do something special to celebrate. Something we had never done before. After much discussion and research, we decided on a Viking River cruise. Because of the expense involved, and the logistics of organizing and booking we decided we needed help. We turned to Karen and her crew at Plan A Vacation with a list of questions. We had plenty. What time of year should we go? Who has the best rates? Should we get trip insurance? Karen answered all of these questions and even came up with a few suggestions that we hadn’t thought of. All of this done professionally, personally and with a smile. I never once felt she was trying to up-sell us, or offer us something we didn’t need. From the point of initial contact a year prior, right up until the day we returned she was there to help our group every step of the way. Sure, you COULD book your trip yourself by visiting dozens of websites offering your credit card number and personal information up to strangers. OR you could book with someone you trust. Someone you know who has the experience and knowledge to find you the best rate, and most of all, be there if something goes wrong. The biggest misconception to many travelers is that it costs more to use a travel agent. It doesn’t. Trust me, I’ve done the research. Would I recommend Karen Gill and Plan A Vacation to friends and family? You bet I would! Thanks for all you do Karen. Our trip of a lifetime never would have happened without you!!

    Kim & Henry

    My husband and I have always wanted to go to Costa Rica so we asked our friends Liz and Larry to join us this winter. We had no idea how to go about planning such an Adventure as this trip would be like nothing we have ever experienced before. So we contacted Kimberly Gunning at Plan A Vacation and that was the end of our worries and the start to the Best Vacation we have ever had. Right from the beginning Kimberly knew what we wanted before we did. She herself had gone to Costa Rica and was able to give many recommendations which we very much appreciated.Kimberly was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and very professional. She saved us a lot of time and expense.She put together an outstanding itinerary for us with lots of excitement, travel and adventure.A few of the areas we went to see/experience were: the Rain and cloud forest, the Arenal volcano, volcanic mud bath, hot springs, fishing tour, scenic tours in the rental car and a tour of the jungle at night and bird watching during the day.Everything was organized so meticulously and went off without a hitch. We kept talking about Kimberly during our travels and appreciating her superb service. She went above and beyond for all of us. She was so excited for our trip which made it more special and exciting to experience.We loved our trip to Costa Rica and we will go back there. We will remember it fondly for years to come. But what we will remember most is how Kimberly took care of all of us so well and for that we are so grateful. So grateful that we are going to follow her on some future trips that she is planning. Our next adventure is our first cruise next winter out of San Juan, Puerto Rico to the ABC islands, etc. Can’t wait. I know we will have an amazing time because Kimberly “will take care of business” so we can enjoy our vacation. Thanks Kimberly for being the excellent travel agent that you are. It made the biggest difference in our trip. Your greatest Fans -Kim and Henry