Plan A Vacation Presents, Wine Host Tony Aspler Exploring the Gems of Southeast Europe

Gems of Southeast Europe


Wine Host
Tony Aspler

October 20 to 27, 2025

Touch history and learn about winemaking traditions while sailing along the lower Danube through Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and Hungary.  This wine hosted river cruise with Tony Aspler will have wine connoisseurs tasting history from the centuries-old winegrowing hills dating back to the Romans in Ilok, a royal and vinous town.  Be treated to the flavours, sights, sounds and cultures of this diverse swath of the continent.  Visit local wineries in Vidin and in Szekszard, one of the oldest red-wine-growing areas in Hungary.  With a dedicated wine expert to guide you, indulge in wine tastings and a specially curated food and wine pairing dinner on board.  Venture off the beaten path and enjoy and epicurean adventure that includes brand, and local wines in five distinctive countries.

COUNTRIES:  Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Serbia and Hungary

RIVERS: Danube

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Tony & Deborah Aspler

Your Hosts

With over five decades of prolific writing experience, Tony is a multifaceted luminary in the worlds of literature, wine education, and culinary arts. His illustrious career includes a 21-year tenure as the wine columnist for the Toronto Star, where he shared his profound expertise with a global audience through esteemed publications like The Wine Spectator, Decanter, and Quench.

Tony's literary repertoire boasts 27 authored books, predominantly focused on the intricate relationship between food and wine, alongside co-authorship of 11 novels, showcasing the depth of his literary contributions. His outstanding achievements have earned him prestigious accolades, including the Order of Canada and induction into the esteemed New York Media Wine Writers Hall of Fame, along with international recognition such as the Officers Cross of the Order of Civil Merit from Spain.

Beyond his writing prowess, Tony's influence extends to the world of wine judging, having chaired the Canadian wines panel at the Decanter World Wine Awards for an impressive fifteen years. He is the visionary behind the annual Ontario Wine Awards competition and holds esteemed positions including honorary governor of Cuvée and directorship at the Independent Wine & Spirit Trust and The Canadian Wine Library.

Tony's commitment to community and philanthropy is evident through his co-founding of Grapes for Humanity, a charitable foundation that harnesses his passion for wine to enact positive change globally. Honored with accolades like the Royal Bank Business Citizen of the Year Award at the Niagara Grape & Wine Festival 2000 and the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario’s Challenge Coin, Tony's legacy is one of unparalleled dedication to the culinary and oenological arts, as well as to making a meaningful impact on the world.

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