Don't call it a dream....... call it a plan

If you need to Plan a Vacation, you are in the right place

Our team of Travel Consultants at will guide you through the process and tailor a specific vacation suited to you.

  • Immerse yourself into the local culture of the country
  • Explore ruins, cities, jungles
  • Relax on a gorgeous sun drenched beach
  • Try new adventures like scuba diving, zip lining or cliff jumping 
  • Get married in a romantic Destination Wedding
  • Enjoy fine dining and exquisite wines
  • Sail down one of the many beautiful rivers in Europe, Asia or Portugal
  • Enjoy a childs first experience meeting their favourite character

We offer competitive group rates from all the major travel suppliers, we specialize in customized travel packages and we offer a variety of exclusive vacations designed to meet the needs of different types of travelers.

Feel free to contact us for more information or fill out our Vacation Planner so our team of Travel Consultants can design a Vacation specifically for you. 

Plan a Vacation by Interest

Whether you are interested in cruising to your favourite country, relaxing in an all inclusive resort, sipping wines in a vineyard or planning a destination wedding, you have come to the right place. is tailored to make your vacation planning a snap.  Couples, singles and groups have various interests and we are suited to match you up to the right vacation.

Plan a Vacation with an experience Travel Advisor

Our team has experienced the world first hand.  We have invested time and money to be in destination to explore and experience destinations, hotels, cruises, airlines so that we can provide our clients with details knowledge.  Our clients love this very fact.  Lets face it would you ever buy a car from someone who hasn't driven one?

We are often told I can book it myself online so why do I need a travel agent?  This is a subject that we could literally spend hours discussing.  

  • First and foremost the pricing is the same, when booking with a travel agent you have someone that has your back.  If you have a problem in destination and you booked it online who are you going to contact?
  • We have access to unique offers and opportunities that you will not know about or be able to find online
  • We are saving you time and money!  

For our clients that love to research and check things out for themselves we have that covered too!  CLICK HERE and you can see our direct to consumer site.

We look forward to making your vacation dreams a reality! Our team looks forward to hearing from you!  P.S. don't forget you simply need to complete our vacation planner and we will start to plan your vacation dreams.