What to pack for a river cruise?  

This is probably one of the most common questions we are asked when booking our clients for a river cruise!  To be completely honest it is a question I ask myself before every single trip!  

I remember not that many years ago packing multiple suitcases that I could hardly lift off the baggage carrier, carrying so many just in case outfits, enough shoes so that I could decide while travelling what I wanted to wear!  Times have definitely changed especially now since most airlines have you pay for baggage and they truly care about the exact weight of the bag! The new travel trend is ……….. “Can you fit what you need in a carry on for your vacation?”  That can be easy for many and not so easy for others, especially if it is your first time experiencing a new form of travel such as river cruising!

Again I will be completely honest here and say I am one of those people that struggle with travelling as a minimalist.  Having river cruised for some time now, we recently went on a river cruise where I truly put this task to the test.  In the end I did check one suitcase and mostly due to taking gifts to give to our clients travelling with us.  I am happy to say I did take about 50% less than I did on the previous river cruise.  The next thing you are probably asking yourself as you read this ….. Did you take enough?  Well I actually overpacked AGAIN!  One difference this time I truly paid attention to what I was wearing taking note of it and I truly tried to not use everything.  I prioritized what I was bringing into core items and items of I like it and think I MAY need it.

Always take a look at the 14 day weather forecast to get an approximate idea of what the weather will be like.  My thoughts on forecasted rain.  Do not overly worry about it, I have done many many trips in my career that had rain forecasted.  It ended up that most often the rain happened during the night.  Even if it did occur during the day and while touring I was always comfortable and continued to enjoy every single moment!

Here are must take on any river cruise!

✔️travel converter/adaptor 

✔️comfortable walking shoes

✔️a hat

✔️a small travel umbrella for any pre or post river cruise stay

✔️compression packing cubes (you can fit more into your carryon)

✔️travel size under 100ml for any personal toiletries

✔️travel size packets of laundry soap for hand washing undergarments and socks

✔️a refillable personal water bottle

✔️comfortable ear buds that fit into a 3.5 mm jack to wear in the VoX system for your tours. 

✔️personal hand sanitizer or wipes

✔️travel size kleenex

✔️small organizer for all of your electronics and plugs

✔️local currency in small denominations for your tour guide tips (tour guide recommended tipping is not included in the river 

     cruise gratuities

✔️a “travelon” cross body they are amazing! The strap can’t be cut, many security features, the one in the photo could even    

     hold my water bottle and a small travel umbrella on the exterior.

Spring & Fall River Cruise Recommended Items

✔️long sleeve cotton t-shirts

✔️light weight jacket

✔️a light weight sweater

✔️gloves & a warm hat

✔️a warmer scarf to go with your jacket

✔️did I say comfortable shoes 😉

✔️a swimsuit (if you are sailing on a river cruise ship that has a swimming pool or hot tub)

Winter & Christmas Market River Cruise Recommended Items

✔️a warm winter jacket 

✔️winter scarf

✔️winter gloves or mittens

✔️winter walking boots

✔️two pairs of extra warm socks “I always pack my alpaca socks for my Christmas Market River Cruises!”

✔️heavier pants or jeans for day time

Evening Attire For Any Season

✔️dresses, skirts, dress pants, capris, blouses, sweaters for ladies

✔️pants, dress shirts, cardigans, jackets (not mandatory), a tie for captains night if you want to be dressier

We have added booking bonuses for our clients booking a river cruise.  Contact Us for more information 

We also have a series of exclusive river cruise groups!

Stay tuned as we add more exclusive Plan A Vacation River Cruise Group Opportunities


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