Meet our Team

Plan A Vacation is a well travelled and diverse team bringing a vast array of travels.  It is critical for our clients that they are speaking with travel advisors that travel extensively and to more than one location and hotel brand, cruise line, etc.  This allows our clients to get unique first hand knowledge, this is something our clients truly appreciate.  

Karen GillOwner Operator | Travel Advisor

1-877-894-7526 ext 101

Steve Gill-  Co-Owner Operator | Travel Advisor

1-877-894-7526 ext 102

Margot RozaTravel Advisor & Exotic Locations Specialist

1-877-894-7526 Ext 105

Rosanne Lemdal-Travel Advisor & Destination Wedding Specialist

1-877-894-7526 Ext 106

Bruce Hartley - Travel Advisor & Golf Vacation Specialist

1-877-894-7526 Ext 103

MaryAnn Grossi Travel Advisor & Cruise Specialist

1-877-894-7525  Ext 108

Debbie Winfield - Travel Advisor & Cruise Specialist

1-877-894-7526  Ext 109

Kimberley Gunning -Travel Advisor & Culinary Travel Specialist

1-877-894-7526 Ext 107

Kimberly HundertmarkTravel Advisor | Wine Travel Specialist