Travel Tools

Packing List

Packing mishaps range from merely inconvienient (heading to the Caribbean without your favorite swimsuit) to downright disastrous (finding you've left the country without your wallet or medication).  Believe it or not these are mostly preventable.

To help you arrive with everything you need, we've created this

Plan A Vacation Packing List .

Print it out, then customize it for your trip by crossing out list items that don't apply to you and adding any new.  We will also be updating this list from time to time.


When ever you go on Vacation you should be aware of the weather for packing reasons and to be ready for any storms or inclement weather. 

We like to use the following link here at Plan A Vacation.

Weather Network

With this you can check out the weather anywhere in the world.

Traveling Tips

We have recently started a blog for Vacation Tips. The tag line is "Tips and Hints to make your next Vacation a special memory". 

Plan A Vacation Tips

This blog will be updated weekly. 

Flight Tracker

Want to know if your flight is late?  How about if your family member is on time with their flight.  This next link for tracking your flight is really useful and handy.

Flight Tracker

Currency Converter

So you have booked a trip and you need to determine how much money you need. 

Currency Converter

This link will convert your money for you and give you an idea what  it is worth in the country you are traveling to.